Start your journey towards circularity.

is not only charity.

An impactful business isn’t one that sells eco-products or gives money to charity. Anyone can do that.

Impactful businesses go beyond and work alongside nature’s cycles within a regenerative economy.

It starts from the design of the business.

Business models

Circularity that makes sense

Circularity is about rewiring the way we think about business, the way we design our businesses. With every business stage and project we have the opportunity to think wider, think farther, think circular.

There isn’t just one path to circularity, and success looks very different for every company. Circularity can be modelled into any business to make it more resilient to environmental and social changes, creating viable business models that make sense.

View from a large drainage pipe with a background of a plain. The image shows that within a circle there is another circle forming a doughnut shape, representing the concept of circularity in a graphical manner.
It’s all in the business model

The secret to thriving business

Think beyond financial capital.

The most successful businesses innovate the business model

Value creation to a company’s community is key to business value

Go beyond financial capital to unlock the potential of 6 capitals

What is your next impact project?


Design a business model for the future and transform smoothly into it.


Benchmark your company from your sector and be an industry leader.


Time to scale up to make a bigger impact, with the right supporters.


Have a great business idea? Bake in an innovative business model.

Why work with me

Consultancy that doesn’t just consult

Amber Wan, a sustainability consultant, standing in front of a vertical garden, genuinely smiling.

Normally companies go to consultants to get advice, then hire freelances to help get the work done. In reality, it doesn’t quite work like that with SMEs. To get on with your next project, you need someone that can understand a wide variety of complex ideas, give you advice, then take the project and help you run with it. You need someone that is multi-disciplinary, hands-on, can manage the project with autonomy, and is able think on their feet and help you move things forward…but that person can’t be you as you only have 24 hours a day.

With a wide spectrum of experiences from different business areas, I can help you with projects ranging from system development and roll-out, data management, strategic roadmaps, projects to prepare for audit and certifications, business model design and more.

I have conceived, coordinated, overseen and implemented multi-million projects in a fast-paced environment and I am confident to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

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