DARE 2.0:
Weave Circularity Into Your Business

Expand your business’s unique value creation model by integrating circularity, resilience and scalability through the art of basketry.

Dare to Achieve,

Reach for Excellence.

A workshop for female entrepreneurs looking to creating an impactful and thriving business.

We invite you to join in our thought-provoking conversations, hands-on workshops, and access tools to help you focus on excelling in your business.

Are you one of us?

The theme for DARE 2.0 is weaving circularity into your business.

Weaving is one of the oldest crafts that until today, is still being practiced and widely used. There is so much we can learn from the art and wisdom of basketry that will help us elevate our business, make it thrive and scale sustainably.

We invite you to join us in Lisbon for an impactful long weekend, deep diving what it means to integrate circular concepts into your business models, how it can take your business to the next level to help create unique value creation, rather than sustainability being merely a cost item.


20/9 (Friday): 13H-20H

Co-create purposeful business models. Identify how circularity can help your business expand its value creation, whilst respecting our social and planetary boundaries.

Network with likeminded entrepreneurs.

Meeting point: Heden Rossio

21/9 (Saturday): 9H-18H

We will spend the day exploring your company’s vision. Weave a resilient, unique, and scalable business.

Learn how to weave a basket and understand Portugal’s basket making heritage.

Meeting point: Heden Rossio

22/9 (Sunday): 11H-13H

See a circular business model in action. Visit a B Corp certified urban mushroom farm that turns waste into food. Discuss about the wider implications of a circular economy.

Spend the afternoon at your leisure in the beautiful coast of Cascais.

Meeting point: NÃM Mushroom Farm

*All mentioned meals and activities are included in registration fee.

Please note that all sessions will be conducted in English.


Lisbon, Portugal

The chosen location for DARE2.0 is in the charming city centre of Lisbon. It is the largest city in Portugal and conveniently accessible with an international airport (Humberto Delgado Airport) located 7km away from the city.

Our workshops will take place in Heden Rossio, a local B Corp certified co-working space that focuses on sustainable workspace design and supporting local, social businesses. With many commuting options within steps and Rossio station literally attached to the building, the access is plentiful and easy. Grab the metro and be on the other side of the city within minutes.

Cascais is a coastal area located within the wider district of Lisbon, and a summer retreat for the Portuguese nobility in the past. We will spend the last day of the event in this area submerging in its regal and fishing heritage vibes, whilst visiting a local B Corp mushroom farm.

For travel planning purposes please expect the event to end around 12pm on 22 September. We will not be returning to Lisbon city together, in case you wish to stay behind and enjoy the afternoon connected with nature and the sea breeze.

About us

An unexpected combo

Amber Wan


Amber is a sustainability business consultant that focuses on helping SMEs find the pathway to an impact business model that best suits them. She is a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional and a B Leader. Amber offers services in ESG/sustainability reporting and B Corp certification support.

She is also the author of “Who Said Your Business Is None of Our Business?”.

Cristina Fonseca


Cristina is a traditional Portuguese basketry artisan, trainer, and researcher. From apprenticeship to teaching, Cristina has dedicated her life to the art of weaving with all types of plant fibres. She is one of the few artisans that is dedicated to the craft of bunho basketry (rushes), a traditional Portuguese basketry technique, and is actively sharing her know-how to fight against its extinction.

Word from your host

As a system thinker, I believe that there is a system and method in every profession that can give lessons to the other. The idea of DARE is to create unexpected alliances each year with amazing women, and cross over our respective fields to deliver innovative sessions that spark new theories and ideas towards impactful, sustainable business.

DARE 1.0 focused on creating a bridge between inner personal values and business strategies that helps amplify our business impact.

This year, I am looking forward to what kind of chemistry we will have with traditional craft and entrepreneurship and the modern take on sustainable business models. Are we moving forward, or in fact trying to go back to basics to undo the complication that our civil society has built unsustainably around us in the past decades?


The offer includes:

  • Hands-on sustainable business strategy workshops
  • Entry level basketry course suitable for anyone without weaving experience
  • All weaving materials and tools
  • Lifetime skills to excel your business
  • Networking with likeminded entrepreneurs
  • Backstage access to a circular business, visiting an urban mushroom farm
  • Coffee breaks, cocktail style networking event on Friday, lunch on Saturday

The offer does not include:
Transportation to and from Lisbon; transportation between Lisbon and Cascais; accommodation; and dinner.


This event is designed for female entrepreneurs that are looking to create a better impact with their business.

We welcome small & medium-sized enterprises from all industries.

Participants are willing to learn and share experiences with others.

No former weaving experience is required.

If you are not an entrepreneur, you are still welcome to join. However, you may not find the itinerary as insightful as we will have hands on work that require using your business as the use case.

Make a difference to the world, together.

Register for DARE 2.0 and enjoy a weekend packed with business insights, network and knowledge.

Only 490

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Cancellation policy

The event will take place if we reach the minimum required participants to run it. Should the event not take place due to low participation rate, the full registration fee will be refunded to all registered attendees. Such decision will be communicated on this page no later than 31 July 2024, and individually to all registered participants.

Please note that we are making commitments to support other small businesses by hosting this event. We have consciously chosen our suppliers based on the quality of their products and services, as well as their commitment to the environment and society.

For that reason, should any situation prevent you from attending after you have registered, please let us know as early as possible. The registration fee is refundable up to one month before the event commences. If we do not hear from you by 19 August 2024 (Close of business CET time), any cancellations will not be refundable. We will strive to find an arrangement with you to avoid having to reduce the financial commitment to our suppliers. We may offer you the possibility to transfer your tickets to a fellow entrepreneur should she be interested to join.

If we face any situations outside of our control such as force majeure, we reserve the right to postpone the event or change the location. The safety of the participants and all supporting businesses are our first priority. In all cases, we will try to find a reasonable solution for everyone and refund any portion of the workshops as much as we can. We unfortunately are not able to be held responsible should any portion of the activities be non-refundable due to our supplier(s) situation.