GRI Sustainability Reporting

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Prepared by GRI Certified Sustainability Professional

Impact Reporting

  • Reporting support for companies at all stages
  • End-to-end support on 1st report
  • Monthly “bookkeeping”
  • Sustainability roadmap & tracking
  • Report with GRI Standards
  • Cash-flow friendly subscription plans
Get ahead of the game

Why start now?

Financial reporting took decades to mature and become the universally understood business language as we know of today. Looking at “the books” of a company helps us understand how they benchmark against others financially.

This is going to change really soon. Sustainability/impact reporting has been a concept lingering for more than a decade and will become the new language of business. Regulators already impose law on large corporates around the world to report more than just financial information. In time, SMEs will be required to do the same.

Don’t sit around to wait for the regulation to come. Consumers and employees are already looking towards companies to know more about what their ESG commitments are. Start on the right foot by using the most referenced reporting standard by corporates, regulators and standard-setting bodies – GRI Standards.

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Beyond compliance. Benefits for sustainable businesses.
GRI Sustainability reporting also helps businesses to:


your vision to your stakeholders using the most common “language” – GRI Standards.


your progress to topics that are important to your mission. Set goals and show progress.


risk proactively by using the annual reporting as an early warning system on your processes.


your employees to get involved and see clearly how their work contributes to a bigger impact.


brand image, customer loyalty, and build trust with your stakeholders, attract sales and capital.

How it works

Identifying impact

Perform A Holistic Assessment

The most important exercise for effective impact reporting is to identify your business’s positive and negative impact.

Most of the time, companies make the mistake in skipping their negative impact because they want to report only on “good news”. Often the resulting communication becomes what we call “greenwashing”.

A thorough assessment means you can make genuine commitments on areas you are able to influence and strategically manage risk.

Use International Standards

The first time you attempt mapping your impact on a report can be very intimidating and time consuming. Many companies turn to certified sustainability professionals to get it right.

The most effective way to report your impact is to follow internationally known frameworks such as GRI. Mapping your impact with SDGs helps the reader grasp your sustainability context.

This helps you ensure that you have a professional representation of your company’s impact.

Process at a glance

A woman in a video call with Amber Wan.

Consultation & Workshops

Whilst using reporting standards, no two impact reports are the same. I will conduct a series of workshops to get to know you, your objectives and values.

We will go through your processes in detail so that I can work on an in-depth analysis that is unique to your business’s processes, people and impact.

As a business owner, you will get to know more about your business’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) context.

A man entering data to generate graphs for analysis.

Materiality & Data Analysis

Based on our discussions, I will map your processes towards your holistic impact. We will also work together on gathering the data required to measure your impact and set goals.

Bootstrapping? Concerned about expensive ESG data tools? Don’t worry.

Depending on your data, I will help you build simple tools so you can continuously keep track of your progress in the future, without hefty software investments.

A monitor and a desktop with the screens of pictures and graphic images.

Drafting & Designs

I will also help you with putting the content professionally together. A well-designed report will be ready for you to review to make sure it represents you and your company.

We will go through the details together and fine-tune it until it meets your expectations, and file it with GRI.

For larger teams, I can also provide a training session to your team so that everyone is aligned and can embark on the journey together.

Why work with me

Your impact report is prepared by a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional

Amber Wan, a sustainability consultant, standing in front of a vertical garden, genuinely smiling.

Each company is unique in their own way and there is no template formula to a good impact report. When choosing to work with a Certified Sustainability Professional, it is important that you find someone who can understand a breadth of context and how to communicate at all levels.

With an analytical mindset and rich experience in project management, strategy setting for large multi-national corporates, I can offer you the expertise that you need.

The key to success is proper data analysis, and to leverage on this project to fine-tune your governance structure and policies based on a good understanding of how to manage financial risk.

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