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Amber Wan

Amber Wan, a sustainability consultant,  standing in front of a vertical garden, genuinely smiling.

Hi there! Thank you for dropping by. To tell you a little bit about me…well, I was born in Hong Kong, grew up in New Zealand. During the early stages of my career I worked mainly in the Oceania and Asia Pacific region. Fate (or other people’s business decisions) led me to move to Europe where I’ve worked in Switzerland and currently I set foot in Spain. In a nutshell, I think I like moving around a bit.

Perhaps another way of describing me is that I am an extremely curious villager of planet earth, which has made me a generalist over the years. If it was possible to see every place on earth and do a bit of everything in my lifetime, I think I would.

This is obvious through my academic choices where I hold a masters in aviation management from New Zealand, a post-graduate certificate in data analytics from Ireland, becoming a GRI Sustainability Professional in Spain and a B Leader trained in Switzerland. In between there are many smaller and seemingly unrelated diplomas such as project management, advocacy, TCFD, GHG Protocol Standards for carbon accounting…

So far, curiosity has led me to a career that has always been multi-cultural and very diverse in skillsets. My core hard skills include data analytics, project management, strategy setting and managing global teams. Having spent over 15 years working in and with large corporates mainly in travel and tourism, I’ve worked in areas such as corporate governance, industry policy and standards setting, as well as developing global systems for credit risk management. Being grateful of all the opportunities I’ve had to pave a robust and extremely progressive career, I’ve also started to give back to the business world by mentoring potential leaders, helping them find their path to shine.

With so much curiosity I’ve also reflected much on how much as small and medium sized businesses shaped the way I consume as a consumer over the years, and what my personal demands have done to influence how they operate. So much that I decided to write a book about it.

I believe that now is the time for SMEs to find that path and create resilient business models for the future.

With Baba Yaga Consultancy, I have been working side by side small and medium sized companies to help them lay their foundation of sustainability strategies and roadmaps. So far, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with SMEs in different areas such as fashion, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, tech, tourism.

It is a very enriching journey that I’ve taken so far. Every SME has a different story, a different challenge, with vastly different opportunities in every industry. What works in one company will not necessarily work in another, so we’ve got to forget about standard templates and keep thinking on our feet to get things moving.

Working together with business owners full of passion, to channel that into a sustainable and profit business model has been such an interesting mission.

I hope to have the opportunity to work with you soon!

I am a…

B Leader

Helping companies become B Corp certified

GRI Certified Sustainability Professional

Helping SMEs report like big corporates do (and better)

Sustainability Consultant & Business Strategist

Creating sustainable business models and strategies that make sense


of “Who Said Your Business Is None of Our Business”

Company logo of Baba Yaga Consultancy Limited.

The Slavic folklore that started this all

The story of Baba Yaga

A witch that lives in a swirling house standing on chicken legs and rides a broom

It is like a wise old woman who is with you always, who tells you exactly what the matter is, tells you exactly whether you need to go left or right.

Clarissa Pinkola Estés
“Women Who Run With The Wolves”

She appears like a scary witch but she is your best advisor.

Baba Yaga lives in a forest. One day she meets a girl called Vasilisa that asks her for coal to light her home (one where her step-mother wants her dead). After making her fulfill chores that are impossible, Baba Yaga hands over a skull torch to Vasilisa and sends her off. The fire torch at the end sets all the villains on fire and sets her free from the abuse of her step-family.

Whilst the whole experience with Baba Yaga was confusing and challenging, Vasilisa liberates herself through a transformation project that keeps her alive much longer than she would’ve been otherwise.

As weird as it sounds, that was what inspired me to start Baba Yaga Consultancy. I wanted to acknowledge the complexity in business and that it will never be a walk in the park. But if we work together, the long term benefits are much more rewarding.

The beginning of something amazing is not always obvious.

Today, we live in extreme imbalance in the distribution of resources, some have too many and others have none. Our society will collapse if we don’t re-create a more regenerative economy. Sustainability is not about donating some money or planting some trees.

I want to work with SMEs to create businesses transparent with ESG, built with the future consumers in mind, knowing how to work with a community and supply chain that supports you to go farther, together. I want to help us prosper for longer, with nature on our side – that is the definition of sustainability.