At Baba Yaga, our mission is to be a catalyst towards a sustainable business landscape through our consultancy services.

We have been making the shift one SME at a time, including our own.

Our operations

Impact areas

As a (almost fully) digital business, it is a little bit difficult to image what kind of impact it may have. In the past year, we tracked each activity of Baba Yaga and performed an materiality analysis to identify the full scope of our impact and report on the most material topics.

Social impact

to the SME community in creating awareness on sustainable business practices

Energy consumption

resulting from our home office

Natural resource consumption and GHG emissions

resulting from business travel

Our procurement practices

to commercially support a community of impactful SMEs

Supporting SMEs

Sustainable business practices

As a business consultancy, Baba Yaga’s main value added activity is to be a catalyst to changing the business landscape with the objective of creating an economy that is circular and regenerative, in harmony with nature’s cycles.

Our impact through services

We offer business consultancy services for small and medium-sized businesses on:

  • Becoming part of the B Movement where Business becomes the force of good. See our B Corp certification services here.
  • Conduct business and data analysis on identifying impact hotspots, implementing tracking metrics and reporting mechanisms for transparency. See our sustainability reporting services here.
  • Reinvent business models to move away from take-make-waste modality and create a sustainable transition. See our circular business consultancy services here.
  • Pro-bono support to start-ups and entrepreneurs that need advice to start off on the right foot.

We also promote sustainable business practices in other formats including:

  • Book
  • In-person and online events
  • In 2024 we will start working on expanding this area with more formats that can meet further needs of small business owners that are always on the go

Our energy consumption

Business Travel

Our carbon footprint

As a consultancy company that has a global footprint of clients, from time to time we have client visits and events that we attend (or host) in person. Our main carbon footprint results from such business travels. As a principle, we try to choose the most resource efficient way to travel, and only do so when necessary.

For the purpose of calculating the total emissions, all travel related categories have been calculated on distance-based methodology.

Baba Yaga adopts the reduce and offset strategy for our operational impact, where a combination of the two will assure that we are operating under a low carbon environment.

For the FY22-23, we have offset two times our total carbon emissions through SKOOT (Project information here).

Voting with our wallet


As a company that believes in the power of SMEs, our procurement policies favour small and medium-sized businesses that offer quality products and services. In particular, we give preference to businesses that share our vision in business being a force for good (such as, but not limited to B Corp).

We acknowledge that it is hard for a small business alone to make larger players in the market change their behaviours to meet our vision at all times, however we do believe at least we have the power of our own decisions. Hence, as much as we can, we follow the principles laid down in our supplier’s policy, which can be found here.

For the future

Seeds of impact

Each project that we work on signifies a step forwards towards business creating a positive social and environmental impact. When we close a project, we will contribute 1% of the revenue made towards plating Mangroves with Eden Reforestation (read more here). For our pro-bono projects, we will also contribute two Mangroves to commemorate a great beginning and seed of impact.

We choose Mangroves because of its resilience as a tree, its contribution towards biodiversity (in creating natural barriers and habitat for animals and plants), protection to coastal areas, long-lasting carbon capture capacity, and the fact that it keeps the carbon beneath soil after its lifecycle.


Trees Planted

Managed through B Corp partner SKOOT

Our Impact Forest

Reforestation & job creation in Kenya

Environmental and social impact

Up to 100 years lifespan & 750kg carbon capture beneath soil

Long lasting impact that grows

Get the full story

Download our sustainability report.